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    I am looking to create an 'interactive' site similar to PHP-Nuke but I unfortunately do not have access to a server with any type of database suppot. Is there an alternate way to imitate PHP-Nuke or PHP-Website that won't take massive amounts of time and effort to create? I will probably have to settle with spending the time to design my own site but really want to avoid all that!
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    Hmm...I don't know too much about PHP-Nuke, just what I read on their website FAQ, but it sounds similar to Zope. I believe that Zope has the option of using a relational database like MySQL or Postgre, but the default is to use it's own database format. I don't think you need access to any kind of server-based relational database. You may need to do a bit of research on that, though.

    If you're just looking to get a web-design up for your own content without having to spend the time creating a "look and feel" for your site, why don't you just snag your favorite design from Open Source Web Design (OSWD). They're loaded with great straightforward designs from the simple to the complex and flashy. Just snag what you like, and start coding your own stuff. Hope this helps.
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    I had a friend that ran PHP nuke on a windows XP computer in his house. He modified the scripts to use a flat text database instead of a mySQL database. However, not all functions worked properly within PHP nuke. Good luck on your endeavor!

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    roswell1329: Thanks for the info, looks like both of those links will come in handy...

    detoxsmurf: sounds like your friend is a gluton for punishment, although if I weren't so lazy I probably would have done that as well.
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    PHP Code:
    if (server == Not_Available); {

    "Make your own";
    } else {
    "Use the server you have";
    Host your own server or get a good IDE (integrated devoping environment)...

    I reccommend PHPTriad (http://www.phpgeek.com/phptriad.php) It installs and configures php, mysql and apache so you can write and test your code on the same system =)

    Some other IDEs are at


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    We use Zend Studio 2.5 ourselves and find it most excellent!

    Here is a free Personal Edition: Zend Studio Personal Edition
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