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Thread: Antivirus for NT 4.0 Server

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    Question Antivirus for NT 4.0 Server

    What is the best antivirus solution in your opinion for MS NT 4.0 Server?

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    In my opinion, Kaspersky is among the best. It's not merely functional on MS OS's, but it's available for a *nix production environment as well. Again, just my opinion, but we've never had issues with it.
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    Everyone has their personal opinions on this one, but I've personally used McAfee's NetShield for a while now and I've been pleased with it's performance. You'll most certainly want to stay with a reputable company, and one who keeps the definition files updated often. I know that Symantec and McAfee do a good job of staying on top of things where viruses are concerned.
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    Personal Opinion on NT 4.0 AV would be Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition 8.0. It has package rollout capabilities, Central Management (meaning scalable) and it incorporates Heuristics with Digital Immune System. Plus how can you beat the Virus response Team.

    If not Symantec, Try Trend or Sophos, those companies at least have decent Virus Engineers and responses to Virus outbreaks.

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