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Thread: Startup Items Load Order

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    Startup Items Load Order

    Is there some way I can manualy change the order in which my programs load when I start the computer, I know how to add and delete startup items just not how to change the order. I know they start up with

    C:\WINDOWS\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp
    and autoexec.bat

    But I dont know how to change the priority levels without useing software.

    I would like my firewall to load first, then my Anti-Virus, Anti-Trojan, Aston Shell exct...

    I searched google but cant find how to change the load order. A little help would be greatly apreciated.

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    Ummm, I dont think thats possible..... But check out msconfig (mscfg?) (Start - Run - msconfig) or sysconfig in NT/2000.... That program gives you total control over how your system starts

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    I just found a way to do it: http://www.greatis.com/regrun3startuporder.htm

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    Wow, Nice link... Any way to do it without outside programs?

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    Although Microsoft says the order in which these programs load is undetermined, this is not truth.
    If MS really cared about its users, you would think they would have come up with this. they'll only "come up with it" if this company starts making money.
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