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Thread: Musical debugger?

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    Musical debugger?

    Now here's a concept that is very interesting and decidedly different from the conventional method of debugging computer code. This program can transpose PASCAL into music, and bad code into sour notes. Imagine that...listening for bugs...
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    This is a very interesting article. It wouldn't work for me though...I couldn't carry a tune in a 10 gallon bucket, so I wouldn't know a sour note from a good one! =)
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    i was actually wondering the other day on my way to work... what would it sound like if , say for each peripheral, internal and external you could attribute a different note to it and say, when info runs thru it, say 1=play note, 0=silence. i believe that if you take into consideration the bus paths to and from the different periph's, you could almost get a scale to and from each one as you request data. perhaps a new wave of music? prolly not, but could be fun.
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