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Thread: W32.SuperNova?

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    Post W32.SuperNova?

    Hey all, Yesterday, my friend booted up his WinMe box and a message popped up saying, Owned by Falling Star, Patch leaks or you will fall." It had the W32.SuperNova message header in it and I searched google but to know avail. Does anyone know where I can get a patch and whatnot to eliminate the virus? Thank you!

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    The closest thing I found to this is a worm spreading via Kazaa. I hope this will help your friend out.
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    Yeah, I know it spreads through KaZaa and MSN, but Im trying to figure out how to get rid of it. So far, I had to remove a few files and Im scanning and whatnot. Thanks though!

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    Submit the file to sn AV company. If you have a test box, throw up some monitoring utilities and let it infect and see what's going on. Then develop removal instructions on that.

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    Here's a link. I missed the 3 which is why it didn't show earlier http://www.sophos.com/virusinfo/anal...2surnovad.html

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    Thanks, All! I went to the symantec thing and I found how to get rid of it through registry and everything and I eliminated it. Thank you for all your help and everything!

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