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Thread: timer interval query in VB6.

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    Post timer interval query in VB6.


    just wondering, why is there a limit as to how many milliseconds you can have for the interval within a timer in vb6?

    I need quite a large interval for my program and cannot get it done because of this limit.
    Does anyone know of a way around this or some other way to include a very large interval within an app? I thought about using lots of timers, one after another but that would clog up the code..

    If anyone knows of a more efficient way for me to do this, please post.

    Any help : greatly appreciated.


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    Yep, I googled VB6 sleep and the first result that came up is this... http://www.buygold.net/v02n11/v02n11.html
    Its an open source program that sleeps the program for the amount of seconds you enter (Assuming you know VB6 you should have no trouble with this)...

    PS: The zip with the source is posted below.... Hope this helps =)

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    yeah there is a limit of 60000 milliseconds (1 minute) for the timer control

    but its very simple to make a timer that will count alot more. lets say 10 mintues
    just declare a variable, lets say integer
    set it to 0 at start and set the timer interval to 1 minute
    every time the timer counts, increase the variable in 1, and when it gets to 10, do the action and set it to 0 again.

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