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Thread: Opera and Stability

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    Question Opera and Stability

    Just a quickie....

    I am curious to know if anyone else is having stability issues with Opera 6.05 running on WinXP? It seems that nearly 60% of the time I have multiple windows open in the Opera browser it will freeze up. Once it does that not even killing the process with the task manager will close the program. It just hangs around untill the next boot....

    Is it just my Windows box are has anyone else come across this?

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    Nah, Fine from over here.... Im running XP Corp though.... That could be it =/

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    Happened here for the first time yesterday on the XP machine - hasn't happened since - I usually have four or five tabs open at any one time.

    I can't remember what pages I was on when it crashed but I have a feeling one might have been running a java applet - but not sure, will have to pay more attention next time before reaching for the button .

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    Java on opera is buggy as hell on all platforms with Opera...Used to love it but I couldn't take the random crashes
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    As what Phat_Penguin & doktorf00bar said I have experienced problem by opera's java too, so I don't install opera with java and the result is more speed in page loading.
    It seems that most of the javas are just compatible with internet explorer, unfortunately.
    like when I want to assign antipoint in AO I can not do it with opera.
    I also use mozilla it is more copmatible with java appls.
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    I have a problem with freezing after so long using Opera on XP Home. It got annoying to the point where I only use Opera if I really need it, instead of all the time like I used to. It's mostly just a layout testing browser now.

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    Thanks for all your replies.

    I'm pretty sure that it's not a java problem. Actually, I have java disabled and run Opera through the brilliant little proxy, proxomitron to stop all those little annoying things that can take up precious bandwidth and cause browsers to crash.....

    Anyway, if I find out what it is I'll let you all know...

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    I've had similar problems with Opera 6.05. I used to use 6.03 and had absolutely no problems. Recently, however, I upgraded to Opera 6.05 because they claimed it was more stable. I have discovered the same problem you describe when have multiple windows (5+) open, and I know for certain, that the problems aren't Java related, for I have that disabled. I ended up just going back to the older version for the time-being on this machine (XP Pro), and haven't experienced any problems since.


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    been using opera for a while on xp without problems... however i believe that the 6.05 update included some ssl fixes as well.

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