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Thread: A basic start to a world of AI

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    A basic start to a world of AI

    AI(artificial inteligence) has been thought about and dissccused ever since the all-powerful computer came around(porbably way before that). Yet, even though scientist and others are alot closer now in designing and developing true AI...there still is alot to be learned....

    Im not sure who here has ever heard about or even used Smarterchild on AOL instant messenger, but its worth a peek...Just place "smarterchild" (w/o quotes) in your buddy list on AOL IM...and talk to the computer.

    Its not going to know the answer to every question out there but its kind of cool..to see what AI can be in the future with smarter machines...Smarterchild is really just a base for what things could be...

    PS: Athough AI will probably, in the future not be like the machines in that Steven Speilberg movie: AI. You just got to dream it..then build it...then it will take over us.
    Can somthing be made that can really think onits own or will AI allways have limits....(it can can only know, what we tell it) but will machines some how have the abilty to learn and develop skills and knowledge that surpasses humans...or will we have access to that knowledge, therefore always knowing what the machine has learned. Its alot to think about...what do you guys and girls think though...

    What are you thoughts on what AI can be, and what the future has in store for us, it the realm of Artificial Inteligence.


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    I think I started to put a little thought into this when I first saw the movie Terminator years ago. If you don't remember (or you you never saw the movie), then let me briefly describe: man has developed AI that learns on it's own, but it turns against the humans and I believe nuclear warheads were launched. Well then, the AI machinery, if you will, is running ramped and exterminating all human resistance that is left. The humans have found a way to send someone on a mission through some sort of a timeport to go back to the time before the technology was discovered and eliminate it. The machines also send a "cyborg" (Swartzenegger - pardon the spelling) back in time to prevent the humans from succeeding on their mission to prevent the technology and to kill the future/now leader of the human "rebels." I may be confusing Terminator 1 with the sequel - if I am, I apologize - but you get the idea. Now, I was much younger than, and I think this movie may have made me a little uneasy; just the thought of being subject to the machines we built was a little disturbing. However, when you think about it, therein lies a very good possibility. Pardon me for straying a bit there, but you dredged up some bad childhood memories! LOL Anyway, the technology seems very fascinating, but I'm not sure where it will lead us. I mean, the mere possibility of a learning machine is pretty neat, but will there be limitations. Or can there even be any limitations for a "learning" machine? Once they can truly learn on their own, where can the line be drawn? How can we prevent this from going terribly wrong? I'll stop here because I believe I may overstepping the limitations of my knowledge on the topic. The scientists may have it all worked out. I am just a Network Security Professional...I'm not splitting atoms or anything... Enough of my ranting, it's someone else's turn to give an opinion...
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    Ok, gents, this might interest you... here is an interesting AI bot that I have been going to and fro from and was recently surprised by an answer i got from it.

    > Me:How many processors control your language comprehension?

    ALICEAround 1000.
    here is the URL: http://alice.sunlitsurf.com/

    ok new intersting thing:

    > Me:> What is my IP address?

    ALICE: Your machine is called "webuser10314XXXXXXXXXXC634113".
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    I don't see myself being chased by electronic devices but AI can be a scary thing when the future of computer security involves combating someone talking a computer into breaking into things and getting credit info while the computer's owner is on a beach having a vacation while money is being sent to him and he is being notifyied on his computers progress through wireless PDA or laptop.

    I mean if you can talk a human into deleteing a hard drive then how hard could it be to talk a computer into doing other things?

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