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    Hi, I have found a wounderfull batch cleaner for Windows.


    Many people I know will imediately asociate a cleaner with removeing evedence for porn, but a cleaner utility is very helpful in improveing system preformance, becauce all these junk files take up hard drive space, and the result is a decrease in system preformance.

    What makes this batch cleaner unique is that not only can it improve system preformance by removeing temporary files, log files, gid files, cookies and more, but it includes a primitive trojan finder, as well as the ability to stop some common spyware components dead in their tracks by editing your system registry. Aditionaly you may download a twaker that alows you to change some settings that are hidden inside configuration files and your registry,

    Includes a security section for tweaking your system into higher security levels.

    I highly recomend this product, it is freeware and can easily be customized. Its worth a try.

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    Thanks for the link aj67my.I have not tried it yet but i will, and give you some feedback on it.
    Ihave a registry cleaner, but if if their is room for improvement,why not.

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    Yeah, very cool, I'm going to try this as soon as I get the chance also. Thanks for the post.
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