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Thread: A strange thing in XP start-up?

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    Question A strange thing in XP start-up?

    I run Xp home. I am the only user, although i am also the main connection between a norton firewall and a switch with 2 users that log onto the net thru this machine. Local Network. I am not sharing files. Everytime i log off, i leave my machine on so the other users on my network can still surf. When i click log on, enter my password, My Documents Folder is always open. Everytime i sign on my ducuments folder is open even if i close it log out and in, there it is, open again. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I dont know about auto open on My Documents, but i got XP Home Ed and when i log on i have this icon in the upper left hand corner called Desktop Explorer. I can deleted it and i would like to. When i right click it, all it says is Creat Short Cut. Any help about this would be very much appreciated too.

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    to backslap:
    i had a similar problem some time ago with win2000. everytime i booted up it opend my drives. in win2000 there is somwhere a dialog if you right-click on your task bar where you can select which folders opens on startup. (I think it was right-click on task bar... sorry can't remember exactly...)

    to Black-mage21:
    tweak ui can hide any icon on desktop (search at google "tweakui download")...

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    just found another possibillity ( sorry can't say anything about the trojan thing )

    My Documents Folder Opens Upon Boot

    Another checkpoint: In the right pane, check your settings under Load: Start/Run/Regedit

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows

    Tip: This problem can be caused by the DlDer Trojan. More information here:

    Tip: This utility lists everything that opens on startup with an undo:


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