Don't like the idea of walking around with credit card and phone numbers on your PDA? PDAs are very cool looking and sometimes you'll find peaple trying to look over your shoulder when your messing around with PDAs but now I've found something that helps protect you from nosey peaple. Its called SOLOvision normal LCD screen are very bright and are sometimes hard to see from some angels which is good for privacy but SOLOvision replaces those anoying bright colors with cool images. There are things that help protect your privacy on PDAs passwords & (ect) But that won't do any good when your walking around and someone gets a little peek at your phone numer, but this is really cool though when you turn the screen at angels all kinds of cool colors appear rather than the bright shimmer of the screen. It uses 2 channel halograms to display the pretty colors which covers rather than blind peaple.

There is less bright white colors around the screen. its almost like a screen saver only you don't have to sit and wait for it to come on.