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    Thread Status

    While browsing through the home page threads, I thought that maybe when a thread has been closed (or has gone Hemingway (suicidal) ), the the icons or thread status could reflect its closure. For example, as in the forums menus, the thread could have the little lock on it, or perhaps a little red x (like the disabled hardware in Win machines), or perhaps in addition to the "Status of this thread is...", put "The status of this thread is 'extremely positive' (CLOSED)"
    Mind you, I'm speaking of the quick list on the homepage, not the "forums" menu.

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    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

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    Interesting suggestion. My vote is yes that way I can tell which threads have been closed so I don't waste time or anything. Then again, I just wish closed threads couldn't be on the main page or they can "dissapear" from the main page when they are closed. Nice suggestion.

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