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Thread: Where to start?

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    Where to start?

    Hey there, I've been looking around the internet about security and hacking (no illegal intensions) and have found myself nowhere. There is just so much information about computer systems but none have seemed to base any weaknesses or what purposes do they hold. All I've been told is something about bouncing from dial-up computers so you wont get caught and even though it was in the newbies section, I failed to understand it.
    For a while now I've been interested in not knowing anything at all to becoming "3L337" but im sure they've, at one time or another, have started to where I am. But where did they start?

    P.S. I have no illegal intentions, I just thirst for this knowledge for my own ability to understand everything.

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    I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for,because security and hacking are both pretty broad subjects,and I don't know what you know about computers in general,but there are a lot of helpful posts and tutorials in AO,you just have to look.Another decent site for a true newbie is www.happyhacker.org.It's got some very basic legal hacking techniques and security tips.In my opinion,the best way to start is get to know computers in general.You have to know how the machine and programs work to be able to uncover weaknesses in them.
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    i would advise you to possibly start with A+ then go on to complete your ccna .. thats the path im running along anyway while doing NT and lotus notes at the same time.

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    First you build your knowledge of computers and networking and then apply that knowledge to computer security. It also helps if you don't try and learn with the intent of becoming l337. Learn because you enjoy expanding you knowledge.

    I recommend starting with some tcp/ip basics.

    Also check out www.securityfocus.com great site for getting a general feel for computer security.
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    Anonymous_User the best thing i would say to do would be to read,read, and when your eyes begin to bleed blink, than read some more.

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    As already stated the subject of hacking and security are broad, I will tell you how I started with computers.

    I started out knowing nothing about computers, untill I finaly got the money to buy one. But the computer I purchased was used, and they guy who sold it to me backed of his agreement of giveing free tech suport for 2 years. Without a writen contract I had nothing to go on. So I had to fix my own problems, because I had no money to pay. I opened up my computer for the first time, I was excited to see everything. So from that point on I had to find ways of teaching myself how to fix my problems.

    I eventualy got a cable modem and got online, with google, I had everything I ever needed, a computer and google. One day I found a link to the advanced tips section of google help where I learned how to improve my searching powers. And with practice I was able to find just about any answer I was looking for. Well, eventualy I would come acros some hacking sites. I found one explaining how to become a hacker. It was strongly encouraged that Iarn to program, so I started to program in html, python, C, C++, JavaScript..

    I realy enjoyed programing. I then found a game, AI Wars, you would program a ai robot with a special language and syntax, then you would send this ai bot out into a battle feild.

    Anyway I was just interested in learning, and so that is my definition of a hacker, someone who learns...

    That might give you some ideas

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    well, one thing that helped me to learn a lot and to improve my programming and UNIX skills was hackerslab.org wargame because i became more conscient about some vulgar programming errors that programmers do as well as many other things related to security, but you have to read a lot and try a lot but it's good to have a goal to achieve especially in the beginning.

    I hope this help,
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    We're finding that one of the most successful techniques to educate yourself in the widely-arranged subject of hacking is searching the internet and providing for yourself a development station to test your newly discovered ideas that you will, no doubt, accumulate while researching.

    You must also consider what part you would like to begin with. Our suggestion is that you begin by using a proper workstation designed specifically for your studies. We use openbsd and lfs ourselves but if you are not familiar with bsd or linux right now then you have the choice of learning one of them and thus providing a perfect working environment. You might find url below refering to The Linux Documentation Project for your informational needs in that regard. As we are saying...consider what part you would like to begin in your research, we are pretty sure that what your are asking for regards the Auditing process. When you discover online somewhere that someone refers to an exploit it was discovered by auditing the source. Exploits are basically software bugs left behind from the developers and that is where 'hackers' (white or black) begin. Also you must understand that these people are all very familiar with the products they are using and auditing just as they are familiar with the workstation they are using to do their research on. If you already know what platform you will use and how it works thoroughly then begin learning the 'hackers' trade by auditing various applications and learning where the bugs lay. To begin this you must accuire basic auditing tools, most you'll find freely available to you within linux itself. Descriptions of what these tools are and how they work are readily available to you just about anywhere you search.

    Stay ontop of the latest security matters that are within your research environment. security auditing is a large area to cover with alot of people providing certain information like the latest exploits for every type of operating system and application available. There are sites describing every technique thats been publicly discovered. Using this information is good to know as it helps you secure your own system, but what you also should consider is what they have NOT discovered and find out the Ws for it (What, Where, When, Why and How).

    We hope you find this useful and not confusing. If you would like us to reiterate more thoroughly maybe you could talk one of us into writing a tutorial about auditing for you to use.

    There are but a few resource links that we find interesting and very informative:

    Google // positively a must use tool.

    Computer Science Technical Reports //wide variety of useful information published by students, professors and researchers.

    The Linux Documentation Project //linux being our prefered development operating system, this is a decent document resource.

    Linux Library
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    Thanks people, that has helped me out alot. The reason I choose to keep things broad is because of the fact that I would like to have my knowledge and ability in a broad spectrum. If I keep to learn on something specific, I will only know that field...See what I'm saying?
    I have used google for a LONG time now and I would often go into work with full blood-shot eyes from staying up all night reading but getting nowhere. Linux is awesome but my cd-drive recently broke ( a cd exploded ) and now I cannot intall it until i get a new one.
    A tutorial would be awesome but I would not want to inconveniance anyone.

    Theres more I would like to get into but I am short on time, feel free to icq me: 73338181 : and thanks for your responses

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    i'm on the board of my schools chapter of the acm, and newcomers and freshmen tell me that they're interested in computers but don't know where to start. i always tell them the same thing:

    keep your eyes open and look for things to be interested in. if you want to know why your computer turns on, get into hardware. if you want to know why it does the things that it does, get into software or operating systems. want to make them communicate, get into networking.

    computers and computer science is great because you will never find a more broad range of possibilities you can do or study. i can't think of any other possible occupation where one day i could be automating administrator routines one day, and crawling under desks stripping cat5 the next.

    just remember to have fun. good luck!
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