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Thread: video on demand

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    video on demand

    i have been asked to do a presentation on video on demand and after searching i have come up with nothing great .. i was just wondering if anyone knows any great links to stuff on "video on demand" or if anyone knows details of it. thanx alot .. itll make my day great ..

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    video on demand like a front row movie *for those who dont know front row is a service that cable and satalite in the U.K that provide like u r own personal movie store u can order movies and u pay them when the bill comes in* some thing like that or like file sharing through kazza ? i dunno really could u go in to some more depth in the subject
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    Hey Sneddz

    I found a place:

    It supposenlly has all the current news about Video-on-Demand

    Mabey that helps some

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    I think it’s kind of like pay per view only the movie starts when ever you want it to. Haven't herd much about it for a few years. Guess it was one of those pipe dreams that never materialized.
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