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Thread: Wallpaper and .ini files...

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    Question Wallpaper and .ini files...

    In Windows 9X and ME I can change the wallpaper by editing the win.ini file, found in C:\Windows.

    I'm now using XP... how do I change the wallpaper other than right clicking on the desktop?



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    control panel/display settings
    or to change the settings under win.ini look for:


    it should look like this:

    TileWallpaper=0 (change to 1 if you want to tile)

    hope this helps
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    Still need some help here...

    I found the win.ini file in the Windows directory of Windows XP... however... the file doesn't contain any information about the wallpaper.

    There are multiple accounts on the computer.

    I'd like to change the wallpaper with some sort of system file, not by the control panel or by right clicking on the desktop. Thanks for your help!


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