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Thread: New Tutorial?

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    New Tutorial?

    Just a quick question - I looked in the tutorials and didn't see anything about 802.11 or WEP. Is there anything forthcoming? I have seen many articles about wardriving and am curious as to how better secure my network. Thanks.

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    Encryption and proper placement of a firewall will prevent most would-be wardrivers. If only I could remember where you place the firewall The most best way to defend against wardriving is to limit the range in which your network can be accessed outside your building. If you contain your wireless network, you can stop almost all wardrivers from finding and abusing it.
    A discussion on this topic can be found at http://neworder.box.sk Hope this helps.
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    My error, after posting and coming back I have found several tutorials under other names for this issue. Sorry all. Thanks for the helpful link though.

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    yo confucist, if you know alot about something, and go through other tutorials and think you can do better, there is no shame in posting a new one. if its worse, well at least you tried ... but dont just automatically assume that you cant write a tut because it has been done before, you could make one on the same topic that covers something different or more areas. or even focuses on one area alot more in a explanation. all im saying is dont give up just because someone else posted one like your idea.

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