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Thread: thankkkk youu every one

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    thankkkk youu every one

    I've been members of AO just for couple weeks I guess..but every time I have problem...anyone of you always giving me the answer(I can solved my problem)..and from this website I can learned very fast ....(my workmate was impressed..cause I can improved my linux OS so fast from totally beginner to....expert..>>not yet but I will.....hehehe)..So I just wanna thanks to you all...
    Keep up A good work JP...I feel this is my "HOME WEBSITE"

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    Thank YOU, sweet angel! Stuff like this is nice to hear. It's great to see that our community here has been able to serve you well. I'm also happy that you've been able to get the information you seek so easily. I hope this continues for you, and as you gain knowledge I hope you pass it on to others whenever you have a chance. Cheers!
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    That's what this site is all about sweet_angel,to help people, to learn from people.I am very pleased to hear that you are satisfied with what you have found on this site,and also I have found to respect peoples opinions and values although it might not always be what you want to hear.

    It is not all about antipoints but with good threads will come good remarks and points.

    Practise what you preach.

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