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Thread: pws (Personal Web Server) From '98. What are your thoughts

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    pws (Personal Web Server) From '98. What are your thoughts

    i've been looking through the win 98 cd and found a pws install. i was wondering if anyone has used it and what their expeirnces were. Please, no ms bashing here, all i want to know if it actually works, and what you can do with it

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    Yeah I used it once. It's very limited, can only have 10 simultanious users. The only reason for running PWS is for developing ASP pages on win95/98/ME. On 2000/XP there is IIS (internet information services), which is much better than PWS.

    PWS can be a bitch to get installed, I had lots of problems getting it working. There are some weird error-messages that doesn't make any sense. You'll probably get it working though...

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    Yea, I've used it before, still do every now and then. It's like Proactive said, you really only use it to do some local testing if you are developing web pages and such. It is possible to host a website with it, but it is not recommended because PWS isn't really that powerful. My only use for it has been for testing purposes. I never had any troubles installing it or working correctly.
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    Yes...PWS (personal Web Server) works well on Win98, Its just the basic web server prog. IIS4 stuff....Only thing is, If you intend on using it seriously, PATCH IT.
    You dont want l4mers DoS ing you....Ping 0` Death, Plus there are some more exploits but Patch, Patch Patch
    Otherwise, you SHOULD be ok

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    I used it once or twice and i found the installation very easy. But as you know, to deploy it on a large scale is not possible. As it can support only 10 simultaneous connections, you can use it as a small web server in some very small LAN's like small college/school labs or to work as a notice board for a small company.
    One thing is sure, its an easy way for ASP learners

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    I would recommend that if you want to use a web server, even for personal use, to download apache. I find it pretty easy to set up and use. There is also another called Xitami that runs really well on Win98, but I find that you need to be somewhat familiar with Unix to configure it.

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    I used PWS for my first web server but I think it sucks.It a bi#tch to get perl ,and PHP to run.If you like ASP and stuff then go fo it.But your better of with IIS or apache for windows.
    But I like abyss web server because Its easy to configure and i does not take alot of resources from your computer.
    just a question ..you know that you can only have 10 connections at once with all windows boxes that are not servers(win 2k pro,98,NT workstation,Me)?
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