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Thread: Web based email administration for user?

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    Web based email administration for user?

    Is there any web based email administration for sendmail server? Basically is for users to login to change their password and email forwarding. Any help is appreciated.

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    Well, from what I know, there is a web based administration tool called Webmin http://www.webmin.com for *NIX based systems that let's you administer not only sendmail, but Apache, MySQL, Postgre, Samba and even system resources.

    Also, since you were not clear as to what OS, I am assuming it is a *NIX of somekind, but there are many OS's out there it is never safe to assume anything. As for Windows, Solaris, or Mac I cannot say. Your best bet in all cases is to Google it.

    Hope this helps

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    Cool Thanks

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am using webmin on the RH linux 7.3, but what i want is only for the individual user to change their account password and email forwarding. I do not want them to play around the rest of the configurations.

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    User Configuration

    Yes, webmin can do that. Let us provide an example of you.

    This is provided from the FAQ here.

    How can I create a Webmin user who can only configure one Apache virtual server or DNS domain?
    In the Webmin Servers module, create a new user and give him access to the Apache Webserver module. After saving, click on Apache Webserver next to the user's name in the list of Webmin users and use the form that appears to deny him access to everything except one selected virtual server.

    Many other modules can also be configured in a similar way to restrict the access of a user to only certain DNS domains, Unix users or mail aliases.
    its is basically the same for most of the other modules. You can deny/grant access to virtually any of the configurations to any group or single individual. Its not limited on the entire module but can also be narrowed to certain functions within that module.
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    I am not really familiar with Sendmail, but I looked around Google and found this: http://www.hotscripts.com/C_and_C++/...b-based_Email/

    Maybe this will help.

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