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Thread: network scripts?

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    Question network scripts?

    hi everyone, i kinda have a problem here

    for the past few days when i try to browse our local area network, i keep getting the following error:

    An error has occured in the script on this page
    Error: Object required
    URL: file://C:\WINDOWS/Web\nethood.htt

    i can't find this file on my hdd, could this be a virus of some sort or do i just need to enable some protocol? this is with windows98. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    That basicly has to do with the web folders as far as I know...As far as getting another copy of the file, just check any Win98 machine, it SHOULD have it...If i ran 98 still i would send you a copy

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    *.htt files are used as the HTML backgrounds in folders (under windows 98 up).
    nethood.htt is the background for the network neighbourhood 'folder'.

    Check that the folder "c:\windows\web" exists. If it does not then you can copy it from another computer with the same OS, or reinstall windows over the top.

    If the folder does exist, then check that there is a nethood.htt file. If this does not exist then follow the steps above to get it back.

    You may been to turn off the setting "hide system and hidden files" in the folder options appalett in the control panel, and turn on the setting "show operating system files" in the same place.

    If the file nethood.htt does exist in c:\windows\web then I would sugest a virus scan or reinstall.

    If you don't care about the appearance of the folders in windows, and want to speed up file browsing a little, you can disable the HTML backgrounds in the "folder settings" control panel appalet.

    Sorry for the rushed typing.
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