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Thread: All this talk about shells makes me want to go to the beach...

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    Shells and some alternatives

    Here is my first tutorial. After a recent notice about how I was becoming a neiucence (sp?) to the AO community, I decided to write this tut to better my AntiPoint status. It is focused on the *nix shell and gives some alternatives to the default. I hope you enjoy reading and please hit me back with some requests, comments etc... latez!
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    The tute is a bit short, but it does a good job at showing a newb the very basics and letting them know what a shell is. Good job.

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    I decided to write this tut to better my AntiPoint status
    Your suppose to say something like "I want to give something back to the community" or I love helping total strangers learn more about computers". Oh well at lest you honest.
    Its not software piracy. Im just making multiple off site backups.

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    Haha thx.. I think honesty is the most important thing for a good relationship with anyone at any level. latez!
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