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Thread: Socket Programing Question

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    Socket Programing Question

    I have not programed in about 3 months and am getting withdrawls, ok lets get to the point.

    I want to learn Socket programing and found some good tutorials with winsock for windows. Upon trying to compile a sample client, I noticed that my compiler was missing some files so I found out that I need to download the winsock.h and winsock.lib, so I found a link..


    and they say to get them from:


    But they aint there, and everywhere I go on google All i get is a link to stardust, but no winsock to be found. I did a file search and found I already have the winsock.dll (dynamic link library) so all I need is the header and library files.

    Is there somewhere I can download them from?

    It's ok, I found a new site to get them from:\

    Now it is trying to tell me I need windows.h, I found some information about it and a place to get it but I suspect I will be needing more then just windows.h, any sugestions?

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    What compiler are you using? These are usually standard libs in most windows compilers. Try another compilier.
    May I suggest www.bloodshed.net I use it and it hasn't given me any trouble
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    digitalgadfly is right dev-cpp is excellent.
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    Maybe this will help...

    Please find below a list of liks to a series of articles I have posted on AO with regards socket programming. Article 1 shows how to build a netcat style command line socket app, 2 and 3 show how to use this to exploit services on other websites, and 4/5 shows you how to use proxy servers to use the code anonymously.

    Have fun

    Scripting Internet Connections Under Window$
    Search Engine submission 'exploit'
    Google 'exploit' - TCPUtil pt III
    Cloaked Exploit Scanner Part I and Part II
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    I just downloaded the latest beta version of dev-c++ thanks for the sugestion, im in love,

    EDIT: Thanks for the cool links ntsa, I will definately read them...

    The compile I am complaining about is djgpp, when I used the zip finder to tell me what files I needed to download, I told it I wanted win32 deveopment , i also chose to have the online documentation and rhide for my IDE.

    Anyway forgeting about djgpp and moveing onto my new found friend dev-c++

    I now recieve linker errors,
    [linker error] undefined refernce to WSAStartup@8

    atached is my source, anyway the error seems prity simple, I would assume that one of the header files is missing, or somewhere is a typo, note that this is an example client that I downloaded somewhere. I would assume they would have included all the headers nessisary, therefor I should not have this problem.

    I have read and understood the full source, there is only one refernce to WSAStartup() and that is a single function call, the arguments passed are pre defined so I don't see anything to complain about.

    Can anyone give it a look over and tell me if I am overlooking something?

    Ok I found my mistake, the linker needed to be told to link in wsock32.lib

    so what I had to do is used the project options and add this stuff to the linker comand line

    -mwindows -lwsock32

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