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    Problems With Computer

    Hey -
    I am having problems with my computer and would be very thankfull to any who could help me out.
    Soyo KA266-R Motherboard
    Athlon 1.4 ghz
    512 DDR
    100mhz fsb
    Onboard C-media soundchip
    nVidia GeForce 2 64mb
    20gb Seagate HD
    40gb Seagate HD
    Win 98


    When I hit shutdown my computer either restarts or just goes blank and computer does not turn off. The light on screen goes orange and I need to turn off powerstrip and wait fora bout three minutes before computer will boot again.

    When booting, I recieve "Primary IDE no 80 conductor cable installed", and the same for secondary IDE. This started when I installed my second (the 40gb) HD last week. Computer still boots, but I am curious as to what the message means.

    During certain games, such as Grand Theft Auto III, Alice, Morrowind, Serious Sam, and a few others the computer will completely freeze, repeating whatever sound it was making and will do nothing until I turn off power. Once again, sometimes it will reboot immediately and sometimes I must wait about three minutes.

    Maybe the above seems like a lot to dump into chat all at once, but I have tried everything I know and am at a loss for what to do. If you have any ideas at all please post them.

    Thank You
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    Is it a laptop or a desktop your running? Laptops with low power supply often have a hard time shuting themselves down. See unlike normal household objects PCs need to make sure everything is ok & that no programs are running and all before leting some of the power out.

    If it's something different then you might need to have that checked out.

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    That means your hard drive supports UDMA.
    If counted the number of wires on the IDE Ribbon cable currently connected to your motherboard you would have 40.

    Newer drives can use the 80 wire cables.
    Still 40 pins but 80 wires.

    Get yourself an 80 pin Ribbon cable and install it.
    Enable UDMA for your hard drive. It shouldnt matter but since your system is freezing you may want to get the correct cable and/or set your bios settings to match your hard drive specs.

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    i think u should reinstall your windows 98. but before that make sure all your cable plug tightly. face the problem once. and i just reinstall my windows and it work. hope it can help.

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    maybe win 98 disagrees with your system for some unknown reason, i had a similar problem with win 95 and an old cyrix that i now run 98SE and redhat on, if you are using the original '98 maybe you should try SE.

    could also be your onboard hardware causing the trouble, although with those specs it seems unlikely, but its still a remote possibility, the comp that i was having trouble with strange as it seems has an unbuilt C-media chip too, maybe it could be an issue with the sound chip, but that still doesnt explain the unexpected shutdowns though

    are you sure that the PC isn't running too hot? some new stuff shuts down automatically if it gets too hot and i know that AMD's run a bit hotter than others and they have the facility to detect the temp of teh CPu i think, that may be your problem, but these are just some suggestions

    hope they are of some help

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    The 80 wire cable is the best place to start.. also with the Shutdown prob.. is it Win98se? If it is try the Shutdown patch.. se if that helps.. and only after checking out your IDE cable.. HAve had them faulty also..

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    Primary IDE no 80 conductor cable installed",

    are you using a old ATA66 cable?? i got that when i connected a HDD with an old cable to a new mobo

    When I hit shutdown my computer either restarts or just goes blank and computer does not turn off. The light on screen goes orange and I need to turn off powerstrip and wait fora bout three minutes before computer will boot again

    have you went into the bios, and looked at the power managment options?


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    How do I enable UDMA on my HD? Also, will my cd rom drives that are not set as slave to the two HD's work witht eh 80 wire cable?

    thank everyone for the info so far, I will get some 80 wire cables soon and hope it works.

    btw - the power down problem started happening randomly, i seem to remember it was after I updated bios. what settings (power) should I look at in the bios?

    ack *typo

    i meant that the cd driver ARE set as slaves to the hd's

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    Microsoft shutdown patch for win 98,

    as far as the random freeze reboot during games, try your video card drivers...
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    What you can also check is see to it that your scanreg option is set to off in your system configuration utility.The reason why i say this is because of the fact that your pc does not shut down properly,you have to turn it off.What happens is when you restart with this option enabled, the registry will restore a backup copy which might be one where your previous configuration was in.

    Hope this helps
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