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I know that there are a number of you out there who are using IE, Outlook Express, and Outlook not only for home PC's, but for coroporate systems as well. It is almost inevitable that you will come in contact with a site containing Java as well. Take note :

There were more than ten (10) different Java vulnerabilities found and
reported to Microsoft
In a nutshell, the applets may contain malicious code, but the implementation of the virtual machine is truly at fault. The code could modify and remove files as well as add and remove programs.

The following is the excerpt on how to avoid troubles :

Microsoft was first contacted in July 2002 and started their
investigation of potential Java vulnerabilities. More of them were found
during August and reported to the vendor. Microsoft has acknowledged most
of the vulnerabilities and is currently working on a patch to correct
To protect themselves, Internet Explorer and Outlook (Express) users can
disable Java Applets until the patch is released. This can be done in
Internet Options -> Security -> Internet -> Custom Level -> Microsoft
VM, select "Disable Java".
If you want to use an Applet on a certain web site you trust, you can add
the site to the Trusted Sites zone and enable Applets in that zone
As always, keep your systems patched and beware of untrusted sites/ emails utilizing Java code.

The full article is here, at Xatrix.org