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    trouble with Linuxconf

    For those of you using Linux, you will want to be aware and get your systems patched if not done already.

    Linuxconf has a buffer overlow which can potentially be exploited locally to leverage root access. Evidently, if one were to get shell access, then they likewise could use it to leverage an account to root priveledges as well.

    Vulnerable versions : Click here

    Details on what it is : Click here

    Exploit details : None available at present time.

    Patch Information : Click here for links to vendor released patches

    As always, do take the time to get your systems patched. What good is your firewall and IDS if you are permitting users to work around it in the first place.

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    If you are still using linuxconf in newer versions of linux I pity you anyways.
    Linuxconf is depricated and needs to be dropped.
    I do agree though, patch it if you use it.
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    I don't think that this will apply to my network (if it does, thanks amuch for the notice), but I am wondering...whatever happened to linuxconf? I used it in Mandrake 7.1, but I couldn't find it in RH 7.2? Is it now extinct? Has something replaced it? Just curious...pardon my ignorance...I'm still learning...
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