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Thread: Greeks fight gaming ban

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    Lightbulb Greeks fight gaming ban

    Well, it was bound to happen. Here's the story: http://www.vnunet.com/News/1134884

    Government officials admitted to the BBC that, even though the law bans the playing of games on PCs and consoles at home, it will only be pursuing gamers who flout it in public places such as internet cafes.

    The first case of its kind will come before the Greek courts next week following the arrest of two people who allowed users to play the popular online game, Counter-Strike. They face fines of 95,000 and up to a year in jail.
    Wow, a year in jail with a 95,000 fine?? Jesus, sounds worse than a major infringement case. This is truly insane!

    Let's hope it ends soon bah!

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    i seriously dont see how they can fully enforce this and actually believe that they can do it in the first place
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    did the government have an ouzo too much or what the hell are they doing? that law won't make it long, perhaps till next government-election, but no longer....

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    Here is a translation of the actual law itself, if anyone is interested:


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    wow 95 grand fine and a year in jail for playing games on your P.C or console i really think this is the stupidist law ever passed by a goverment. im still really shocked that they passed this new law so say for talking sake an inocent 10 year old kids get`s caught playing a game like lets just say for talking sake counter-strike that little kid parents face a fine and the kid could be put in a young offenders institute just for passing the time when he is bored. i think this is outragious maybe i should have put some rant tag`s in here as well but any whoo this law is really wrong IMHO maybe the greek goverment should really take more time to think about this because 95 grand isnt really pocket change if they are really serious about this law they shouldnt give out so much of a harsh sentance am i the only 1 who thinks this is way to harsh just for playing a video game
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    Targeting peaple in internet cafes?

    Don't you guys find this a little bit discriminating? Most of the peaple I have seen that are into internet gambling are stock brokers. lol

    This is another example of peaple trying to make it seem like computer geeks are druged up ravers & punks who deal everything from drugs, cards, to game cracks, & warez.

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    Greek gaming law defeated in court

    A new Greek law banning the playing of electronic games was declared unconstitutional by a judge, and the charges against three people were dismissed.

    Thank God it didn't take too long for someone to realise what was going on

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    I don't curse much but THAT IS ****ING NUTS!!!
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