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Thread: creating screan saver

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    creating screan saver

    does anyone know how to create screen saver in win98. or it is possible to create it via microsoft power point. or if the any application i should download. wat i know is, it really easy to creat screen saver in winxp but dunno whether it possible in win98.thankss

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    sorry to burst your bubble bro but this is a security site not how do i make uber |337 screen savers may i suggest trying ol mr google or trying www.microsoft.com im sure you will find info on your subjests at one of those sites BTW google will give you more help sorry for being a bit harsh and to answer your question you can make your own screen savers with MGI photo suite again try google you will get enough hits to keep you pre-ocupied for a while
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    prodikal is right...I think that your post is outside the realm of this site. But to answer your question, there is no "easy" way to create a screensaver in Win98 that I know of. When I want to write one I usually do it in Visual Basic. You can get some good code examples at http://www.vbcode.com.

    Good luck!
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