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Thread: new computer security standards from government

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    new computer security standards from government

    At about 150 pages, the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace, which is scheduled to be released Sept. 18, remains a weighty document outlining about 80 new obligations for the government, companies, universities and even home computer users.
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    It says it hopes not to make any of it manditory, and that the industrie(s) should hopefully pick up the new standerds themselves. From the article, some of it doesn't sound too bad. However untill the document is released we will not know exactly what it entails. It seems that if the industry doesn't pick this up, they might look into requiring something like this....

    Thanks for the post!
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    Just what we need...... computer security advice from the same government that can't even deliver the freaking mail on time.
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    Great, just what we need..... another attempt at taking away our personal freedoms. I suppose there is going to be a clause that says if we don't "adopt" these policies within a certain time frame, that it will become mandatory. God, spare us from this insanity!!!!!! [end of Rant ]

    (OOPS! sorry problemchild didn't mean to quote you...hehe "Just what we need") LOL....
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    Should anybody be surprised??

    This has been in the works for years. A few years ago, they were after the master keys for PGP and other encryption software. Then, it was to "help" law enforcement in their fight against drugs. Anybody who encrypted mail must be a criminal. Why else would they do it?

    They tried after the Trade Towers attack. Now, they're using hacking and other attacks to try to gain a foothold.

    There's another thread someplace here concerning this very thing. What it amounts to, as I'm sure you're all aware, is that Uncle Sam can't stand the fact that there's a place he has no control. The name of government is control.

    The proposal is only the beginning. I strongly suggest that every person using the Internet in America email or snail mail their legislators and voice their opposition. I'd also suggest they monitor their legislators stance on the issue. Elections are coming. Numbers count, especially this year.

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    Question That sounds good "but"

    Hey I mean what they are saying sounds all good and all but what else do they have in store what are they not telling us. The Gov. is always doing thing behind our back. This is just another one of those things that we are not getting told the whole truth. Just as when (9-11) happen all these force's came out and was trying to get more and more of the rights on the net be taken away. When they were (and still are) doing this they were using our fears and hatred against us so they could get these laws too past. To me some of their points are good but I just would like to know to whole truth.

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    It really pisses me off. I think Chuck nailed it right between the eyes. You can just see the Justice Dept. and the NSA salivating over 9-11. They've been going after PGP and other strong encryption for years now, and are willing as all hell to capitalize on people's fear. Was talking to someone at work about this a few months ago and he's all "Well if this is true why isn't it in the headines??" I'm sorry to point out that newspapers and network news is entertainment 1st and foremost, and most people not only don't find this topic entertaining, but are too damn stupid to care.

    Oh yeah, sorry for the out-of-place rant
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