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Thread: exchange issues

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    exchange issues

    Just had another question about exchange server, we just took the exchange server offline and put up a sendmail like mail server, but my question is after we delete the accounts for the peoples outlook email account settings, how do i retrive the contact lists off of the exchange server. Is there some way to import/export those account settings? Any help would be great thanks.

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    I take it you are talking about the users contacts. The contacts are stored int the mailbox and thus you need to use Outlook or some other MAPI mail client to veiw them. They can be moved to a Personal Folder. It has been my experience that trying to export contacts never works well. Most of the mappings between the 2 mail systems neer line up. This means that you will still have to manually get them to work. It is usually faster and simpler to just recreate the lists,IMHO. hope this helps.

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