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Thread: A note to the security 'pure-ists'

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    A note to the security 'pure-ists'

    I just want to make a simple point here. This site has different forums for different subjects. I'm posting this in the 'Cosmos' forum because this deals with MORALS and ETHICS. The "STFU...this is a security site" comments are getting old fast. Yes, this site is devoted to security and thats what drew me here initially, but there are areas here that are not strictly 'security discussion' areas. JP put them here for a specific reason....for us to discuss a broader variety of subject matter, to expand our horizons and add depth to our scope of knowledge and understanding. Try as I might, I can find no fault in that feature, and I find it to be an enhancement to the overall quality of AntiOnline. To go through this world and this life with a 'singular' focus is to invite failure and disaster to follow you everywhere you go.

    If I post a moral, ethical or political thread in a security forum, then by all means, neg the crap out of me...I deserve it for making a boneheaded mistake like that. But if I'm out of the security forums, in chit-chat, the cosmos, or site suggestions, keep your narrow-minded little 'territorial' whinings out of your comments. If this actually is a 'pure security' site, then come out in the open and voice your opinion...challenge my views in a public forum. If you are correct, then the membership fill support your view and people like myself will gradually fade away from your insulated little world, never again to give voice to ideas or philosophies that threaten you or your status in the community. Change will never come, all will remain as it has been, and you will be free to choke on the staleness of the environment you fought so hard to preserve.

    In closing, I admit to being assertive, outspoken, agressive and even abrasive at times. But I'm one of those types who doesn't want to live in a vanilla world wearing vanilla clothes, thinking vanilla thoughts and spouting vanilla rhetoric to appeal to all the other vanilla people. I can't imagine why someone would want to limit themselves like that, but apparently there are those who do. Myself, I prefer to grab a double dip of Rocky Road, keep pushing the envelope, and look back with no regrets.

    Peace out, folks!
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    Wow, yeh man, very well said. That crap gets on my nerves too.

    I think it sometimes has to do with what forum these kids post in that gets people pissy, but if there is a forum specifically made for that type of non-security chat, like GCC and Cosmos, then lay off.

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    Extremely well said! I've gotten comments like those from people even when I did post something security related, so I know what you are talking about. Some people are trying really hard to fit in here and they are doing their best to answer questions and respond in the forums. I see a lot of people posting questions here that are geared toward programming or setup of software/hardware. I believe that they come here looking for assistance from people that obviously know a lot about non-mainstream computer topics, so as long as they post in the appropriate areas I believe that members here should be accepting and try to help.

    This isn't geared toward anyone in particular, but in general if you don't want to help don't slam someone for asking a question. Just let it go.
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    Right With You

    I have to agree with you fully.

    I come to this forum and love the wealth of information I can find. However, I keep coming because this forum also offers more than that. I like to chat about the world, views, attitudes. It is interesting to see what people think on subjects, even when I don't agree with them.

    However, at times the negativity of some of the people here can be very distressing. OK this is a security sight, I guess sometimes I prefer Barney Fife and Sherrif Taylor security to Judge Roy Bean. Sometimes I want to walk the "Streets of San Francisco" and other times I want hang with Barney Miller and Fish. This site allows that with its different forums. Too bad the "Just The Facts" Fridays can't leave me alone when I am in Keystone Kop mode.

    Sorry for all the references but once you get started it's kind of hard to stop.
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    you may be outspoken, aggressive and some of the other things you said, but I haven't read any of your posts where I would say you are bigotted or arrogant. Keep posting I enjoy the read and sometimes its the conflict of interest/points of view that make the best reading ....

    Remember, if your not living on the edge you are taking up way too much room



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    A forum dealing with philosophy, ethics, morals, laws, logical & mathematical problems, etc.

    Security? Bah! Who cares? This forum is where it's at!

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    I think there is an important difference in the ways people are interpreting "Security Site".

    Let's be frank, if we held the forums to the standards of nothing except exploits, fixes, and industry news, it'd be duller and a lot less lively. Besides, most people already have sources of information far better than what we can put together here without a lot of difficulty. (Slashdot, Bugtraq, etc.)

    I prefer to think of it as "Security Site" as in "Forums for people who like security" rather than "Forums which address only security." "General Chit Chat" is NAMED THAT FOR A REASON. If you don't want to read from it, then tough. But there are a ton of other forum areas where the topics are far more specialized.

    And there's also the inevitable nature of APs to become used for "I think your idea or opinion was good. Or Bad" Rather than for "Thanks for that information, it really helped. Or you made a pointless and untellible post."
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    Today is my first day here and I would like to thank all of the members that are making this such a welcome place. With posts like these I feel comfortable contributing. Thanks!

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