Greetings all,
Since we are on the topic of discussing driver’s license issues, what do you guys think about this? The way our country’s drivers licenses appear have changed about three times in the last four years. From an ID book with a license pasted into it, to an ID book with the same features, just printed. Cost +-/R250.00.Photo’s included. Then to a card with only your photo, id nr, license nr and codes for which vehicles you are entitled to drive.

On the last one we had to go for I had to pay up a healthy R345.00 bucks.R20.00 for id photos and guess what? Just two months ago the number plates also had to be changed, another R200.00 bucks. You might say yeah.yeah, what is this all about?

What gets to me is the fact that every time they decide to change the system the taxpayers just have to follow suite, no subsidy or anything. Most important of all I think is the fact that they complain about starvation of our underprivileged people. Shouldn’t they spend the government’s money more wisely?

People I know it is for a good cause, but shouldn’t they think these things through, get together and come up with a long-term solution. I know for a fact there is a whole lot of people who can’t afford these changes every time somebody gets a brainwave to change something.

Maybe you guys have had similar things happen in your country.