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    Talking .:Holy Sister Love:.

    I found this site on accident, and found it to really be quite amusing. If you're offended by Christianity jokes, I would advise that you don't read this, as it is a pun on Christian fanaticism. (Note: I am very respectful to religion, but this has got to be one of the funniest sites I've seen in a while.)

    .:Holy Sister Love:.

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    What up Greek Goddess.

    Them fools that call themselves preachers on the TV ain't nothing but a bunch of money-grubbing, forked-tongue, lying, cheating hypocrites, by crappies! Praise God! You ain't never gonna find God on the TV; I can tell you that for sure! Don't nobody on TV preach the true gospel, because the Prince of the Airwaves (Satan) won't allow it! All you'll get on the TV is some slick, smooth talking hustler who wants to take your hard-earned money! Glory!

    True That!

    That be some Damn funny shiznit greek

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    this is a funny site along those lines too .....

    U suk at teh intuhnet1!!1!1one

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    /me looks in the mirror and sees the pimples, ear wax and runny nose

    I am a little worried now...thanks a lot Jabberwocky.

    Oh, BTW, you gotta take a load of the guestbook...it's a riot!

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    OK, edited the post, that site is on humour. I didn't look around that site enough and notice that it's not a serious site. Apologies.

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