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Thread: 9-11-2002

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    I can't think of a better place to post this and if it is a bit off topic for this forum I am sorry...

    My wife, along with thousands of other service men and women are currently overseas in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Each day these people risk their lives so that you and I can have the luxury of being able to post to sites like this one. It is not the politicians, reporters, or activists in this country that allow us to live as we do but the soilders who go at a moments notice when their country calls as it did on 11 September 2001. These people do not ask for thanks or recognition for the sacrifices they make to protect you and I from the evil of this world. They make these sacrifices out of a sense of duty to their fellow man and country.

    So on 11 September 2002 please say a prayer or dedicate a moment of silence to all those who died on that tragic day last year and if you see a service member thank them for their sacrifice. Without them standing on the wall you and I would not have the freedom we hold so dear.

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    Mwuahahah, I go to school 2 blocks away from ground zero [www.stuy.edu] and I have no idea wtf will be going on, The subways will be ****ing jammed

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    In response to MidghetHitmen's post, also try to respect the Internet's moment of silence:

    Originally found here
    Internet's One Minute's Silence

    Major ISPs around the world have agreed that at 12 noon EST on September 11, they will suspend all Internet traffic for 60 seconds as a mark of respect for all those who heard about the tragedy via the Internet - and for all those workers in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon who were using the Internet when they died. Internet users are asked to keep a close eye on the time, lest they mistake the one minute's silence for normal slowness, email bouncing, page not found errors and mysterious crashes.

    PS: By the way, I know this is supposed to be satirical, but the idea's not a bad one...

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