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Thread: Lets Take A Vote:

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    Lets Take A Vote:

    How many fake terrorist attacks (meaning false alarms or spoofs) do you all think will go on tomorow. And how many real (if any) and domestic (US) as well. Please Vote for one or the other, fake or real.

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    I'd rather have 10 false alarms than one un-reported real.
    I dunno that such a poll is so appropriate: how would you feel the day after tomorrow if there was an actual attack...?

    Anyways, that's how I feel it...

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    I'm running with ammo on this one. I lost a dear friend in the dropping of the towers. I don't find it amusing at this point. I'm also not looking forward to all the media attention tomorrow is getting either. Not only do we get it on the radio, the television and the news print, but we get it here on the site as well. I know what happened a year ago, I don't want to keep reliving it. As for my buddy, whom I'll never see again, I get to fly in to my hometown and drop some flowers on his empty grave on my birth day, which is little more than two weeks from now. Not an endearing moment in my life.

    I understand fully that everyone will deal with this event in their own manner. Some cope through humor, some through rage, and some through silence. I've chosen silence for the most part.

    I don't know that it is your intention to make light of events of 09/11, but from my perspective that is how it seems. I'm not enraged, but saddened more at this point. At this time, all I would ask is some due respect to those that have lost from that day.

    Peace out.
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    I certainly don't think anyone would take the events of 9/11 as not being a serious issue. I think there is real concern that something might happen again, or that some sick individuals might "spoof" an attack.

    I am from Canada and didn't lose anyone in the attack, but did feel it as much as anyone. It was a horrific act of terrorism and it saddens me to think that it might happen again, or that people may suffer terror at the hands of a fake attack.

    Either way you look at it, it is a sad memorial day, no matter if anything happens or not. I for one hope neither happens.

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    I certainly don't think anyone would take the events of 9/11 as not being a serious issue. I think there is real concern that something might happen again, or that some sick individuals might "spoof" an attack.

    Right on my canadian bro.

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    keeping in mind, that what happens here today will directly affect our actions with iraq maybe they'll use their heads.
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    I don't think there was any disrespect meant by that poll.I didn't see any smiley faces or LOL's or anything else to suggest it was meant to be humorous.What gives?It seems more like a simple question,especially considering such events are definately likely to happen.I think it's a good poll and am curious what the results will be by tomarrow.I know in Arkansas alone there were two or three false alarms today,and you know there's some dumb a55 teenie-bopper out there somewhere just waiting to pull some stupid prank that's gonna get him thrown in prison.I do hope nothing happens tomarrow.I guess we'll see if the hightened state of alert does any good.
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    like gghornet said, i wasnt intending upon a joke factor, i was more less trying to get the idea of the worlds opinion of predictions that might occur today. well so far i havent heard of any attacks, but that could be bad news... i dont know. anyway we shall see what happens.

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    Question ooops! a bug!


    Shouldn't your votes be 0 - 1 - 2 - 3+? What if someone would like to vote for (3) or (4). I would like to vote for three or four spoofs, but my opinion does not fit into your vote, and I would like to file a discrimination report. I believe your are prejudice against the number 3 and the number 4.

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    Minor Point


    I would only point out that someone might feel you were taking a lighter attitude because of your choice of forums. It might have been more sensitive to put it into general chit chat or the cosmos forum than in humor. I believe this might have led to the confusion. Please understand that I did not take it this way and only post this as a possible clarification.

    However, since it is in the humor section I stand with Joey and want to know what you have against 3's and 4's.

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