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Thread: Flight Sim?

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    Flight Sim?

    I was reading an old back issue of 2600, and there was an artical stating that excell has/had a built in flight sim easter egg, I don't have excell or access to it right now, just woundering if anyone has actually seen it at one time, is it still in there?.......or am i just been led astray?

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    I have seen a car-racing game in Excel 2000, took ages to get it going, had to make an excel document in IE and then go to this specific cell I think. It was actually pretty cool considering it was just an easter egg. According to this website the Excel flight-sim is in Office 97:

    Excel 97 Flight Sim - In a new worksheet, press F5. Type X97:L97 and press enter, press the Tab key once. Press and hold the Ctrl + Shift keys and click the Chart Wizard toolbar button, Note you must have Direct draw installed for this Flight Sim with Credits to work, to fly press your hold right to go forward/faster forward, or press and hold the left to backwards or to slow down.

    Maybe someone with this version of Office could try it out, I've only got 2k


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