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Thread: then and now

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    then and now

    Nobody was ready for "healing" on December 7, 1942, and "closure" was the last thing anybody wanted. America, on the first anniversary of that other date that lives in infamy often the benchmark by which September 11 is judged wanted blood and vengeance, without apology.
    Should we be more angry about 9-11 and less concerned with
    "closure" and "healing"? Or are we wiser than the WWII generation?

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    I'd like to think that we've lost some of our bloodlust and gained a modicum of compassion since WWII....I'd like to think that, but I hardly think this is the case. If Al Qaeda would have lasted longer against the relentless carpet bombing and incursions of Special Forces, we as a nation, might be as vigilant as ever in our conquest to decimate "terrorism, and those who support terrorism." In many ways we still are, we just need to keep reminding ourselves that just because we're not killing people we're still "at war." During WWII there were daily war reports that kept people watching and ever-ready, but if the Germans went down in 3 months it might have been much of the same. After all, it's not like times now are all that different from WWII days.

    I'll concede that we were a bit more sensitive about who we call our enemy, and that is an encouraging thought. In 1941 we were ready to call every single Asian an enemy, but we were a bit more careful about ruthlessly rounding up Arabs (although this did happen to some extent) immediately following 9-11. I just hope that we continue to learn from history. We'll still make mistakes, but hopefully they will be fewer and farther between. In the end I hope we learn at least one thing:

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    For the record...I still feel very angry for what happened last year. I still want justice.
    To answer your question, its not that we're wiser...its just different circumstances. WWII Americans had something solid to focus their anger on, Japan. At that time they were in the midst of an all-out world war. Today, we're at "war with terror". Its a different scenario, and some people want to grieve and to heal.

    Personally, I don't think either emotion is wrong, as long as its genuine.

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    I think it could be better to focus more on healing. The continuation of a "war on terrorism" will certainly add to the pain and suffering because lives have and will still be lost on both sides. For some families, however, it is enough to know that their family member died fighting for America, for a cause. But then there are others that absolutely detest war. I don't like wars, but they seem to be necessary against the few that seek to conquer and destroy others for whatever reason in order to ensure a certain amount of peace and sanctity in the World. Sgt_B: I am also very angry about what happened, and I am unsure of what it will take to rid myself of this feeling. Maybe time and prayer will heal us all. To some, revenge appears to be the answer. I don't know... The very fact that today is exactly one year later just brings back the painful memories of pictures in my mind.
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    I am angry, disgusted, horrified by the events of 9/11. I want justice. But at what cost? As we fight the war on terrorism, more lives are lost. Innocent lives. Does this constitute justice? This does nothing to apply vengance to those that were the cause of 9/11. I would like to see justice in the worst way, but I would like to see those that caused the anguish pay.

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    We may be able to forgive but never forget!!
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