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Thread: Cool find - Autodefrag for Win2k

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    Cool find - Autodefrag for Win2k

    I was not sure where to put something like this so I asked one of the Moderators and one suggestion was to put it here. I know it's not security-related, but I thought I should share this with you since we thought it was such a great find. I couldn't just keep it to myself. I found it using the almighty Google, of course.
    Those of you that use Windows 2000 will probably know by now that you cannot schedule a
    defrag with the built-in utilities. If you try to point the task scheduler to
    the defrag.msc file, all that will happen is the console will come up so that you can press
    the button to start to analyze/defrag the specified disk; however, it requires that you
    interact with it. The way I see it, you can take one of two approaches: you can create
    your own script or batch file of some sort, or you can use a file that I found on the
    net called AutoDefrag.exe. The website to read about it and download is here . You can point the task scheduler to this file and it will complete the defrag for you using the built-in defrag utility. This proved to be
    valuable to me because be had problems with our systems being highly fragmented even
    after RISing a machine with a fresh image. This was due to the software being installed
    or uninstalled through group policy when the machine was rebooted.

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    Thanks Louie for the heads up on that. I edited the link in my post to make sure it worked.
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