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    File Upload Size

    Is there a chance we can increase the file upload size in PM's to atleast 2MB? I have tried to send files in PM rather than asking for personal e-mail addresses, but when I try to send a quick multi-media file it rejects it due to size. Most of the files I find myself sending range from 1.5 - 1.7 MB's. Just a suggestion, I'm sure there is reason behind the set size. IE "bandwidth", but if it is possible. I would like to see it happen..

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    well im sure jp is giving us the maximum size, ive expected files that i assume are larger than 1.5 mb ish and not received them. like ppl have sent me something assuming that it was sent and turns out it wasnt. since jp pretty much gives his users almost everything possible that they ask for, im sure if he could, hed give us more space. but like you said, the band could be a problem.

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