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Thread: Taking advantage of 9/11 victims?

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    Taking advantage of 9/11 victims?

    The images are instantly recallable for me from that day. I remember Duane's voice cracking as I walked into work and he told me about the first plane. I remember not being able to get a TV signal in the office and listening to the radio as Peter Jennings described the first and then second towers crashing to the ground. I remember going outside to make a call on my mobile phone because all of the land lines were jammed to call a girl who at that time was very close to me. I remember the phone calls later in the day, the speculation, the shock.

    I remember feeling like I had to do something. I remember everybody else feeling that way too. Blood banks overflowed and the money poured in. I remember seeing the best that the American populace had to offer.

    I also remember thinking that it won't last. I remember thinking that the money won't reach the victims, that the flag waving will become a marketing tool. I remember thinking that somewhere, a flag maker is getting very rich. And that even in the face of tragedy, somebody's making money.

    It's no secret that I don't trust our current government administration. I remember thinking that we were the pooch and we were about to get screwed. Our freedoms were about to be the paper towel that had to clean up the World Trade Center Towers. And like a dirty paper towel, when the mess is clean, you throw them away. I remember hoping that I was wrong.

    Fast forward one year.

    In the eyes of individuals. People you and I both know, I can still see the pain, the fear, the human-ness of this anniversary. For a lot of people I know, this anniversary is still too soon, too raw, too potent to handle or remember. For many that saw it first hand or had friends or family involved in the attacks, they are choosing to block out all of the memorials and TV specials. It's just too soon.

    Outside of that, outside of talking to people - like we're doing here - I'm extremely jaded and cynical about the whole anniversary. There are too many rememberances and TV specials to count. And I find it all to be fake and plastic. I think that we don't need 200 channels with 24 hours of WTC video and first person accounts of that day. For me, it's like jumping in sewage, taking a year to wash it off, and jumping back in.

    I find it deeply disturbing that our government is making plans to attack Iraq - and bringing the issue to the American public around this particular time. To me, it smacks of opportunism, not leadership. Iraq may or may not need to be invaded, but to use the month surrounding today to make that the topic of national debate is as scumbag a thing to do as I can imagine.

    In short, I think the government and big media companies are cheapening and using 9/11 to sell their own agendas. But at my post paranoid, my most cynical and jaded moments all I have to do is look in the eyes of my friends and co-workers and I'm reminded of why we're remembering today. It's because of the loss of humanity. It's for all the other reasons that you remember so vividly from that day.

    So if you're like me, you'll spend today ignoring the endless TV shows dedicated to remembering one year ago. Instead, you'll seek the companionship of people you love or love to be around, and you'll go about your normal life. To quote a song I loved as a kid:

    "We've got to hold on to what we've got
    Cause it doesn't make a difference
    If we make it or not
    We've got each other and that's a lot
    For love - we'll give it a shot"

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    This is a great editorial, and I am sure you will have differing views and scuffles about it. In my mind, my veiw on th the whole 9/11 thing is a little more extreme than yours.

    Politicians, businesses and scam artists are making a fortune from the victims, events and supposed enemies regarding this tragedy. Like you, I do find it very discouraging and angering in many ways than one.

    1) While there is a lot of speculation regarding who is to blame on this, and since this is still a hot g'vt issue many details will be hushed and we will get just enough information to keep us guessing and keep angry at these "enemies." While it may be true Bin Laden and others may be responsible for this, our justice system still needs to try and convict these people in a court of law with a jury before they can truly say he/she/or they are responsible. However, with all the anger, frustration and outcry people don't wanna hear that. They want justice. I can understand that too. Another thing that bothers me is, where in the world are they going to find a jury that will not use feelings and not form an opinion and just look at the evidence? It will probably never happen.

    And how will people make money from this? Media coverage of the trial will make OJ Simpson look like a quick newsbreak and will make millions for ad spots, memrobilia, picket line supplies for when Bin Laden or his cronies walk down the aisle to court, top lawyers, politican payoffs and more than anybody can imagine.

    Do I feel sorry for Bin Laden and his pals? No. He's a shithead. I am just trying to put this in perspective and how something like this will be used to make money for everybody else BUT the victims. Even right now, others are pocketing more than giving back. That's the way it is, and it makes me mad. And it's not just what MIGHT happen. Look what's happening now!

    2) Scam artists. Ever since this happened, people have been the victims of a greater tragedy reaching pretty close in impact to 9/11. Fraud. Millions if not billions are getting pocketed by phone calls, letter campagins and Internet sites claiming you "donation" will help benefit victims. The question is, how much? Who is doing the calling, and how can you REALLY know your hard earned cash is really benefiting the victims? You can't. But scam artists and social engineers rape you and victims with a sympathetic ear and smooth as silk tag lines. It's sickening. With as much money people are giving, there should be enough for victims to be set for life. Too bad it's not them. That makes me mad.

    3) Products. Billions upon billions are being made in legit channels as well. While I am not against making an honest buck, but the whole commercialization of the tragedy has gone WAY out of hand. Coins, lawn flowers, flags, t-shirts, posters, TV specials, videos depicting scenes for $25 (an example is:http://msprozac.zoovy.com/category/video_sept_11/), commercials, and more. Everyday I see commercials and products for sale... too bad I think it's at the expense of others. Many will disagree saying it's out of respect, I think it is not. "Business is business. Nothing personal..."

    and I did not even get into the insurance companies, civil lawsuits, and politicans...

    In conclusion, and just like Jehnny, I am watching movies, staying with my family and listening to music. I will respect and pay homage to those killed but not through a TV ad or special.

    Thank you for your time.

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    The whole media issue is upsetting to me. We are here in Afghanistan "defending" the nations freedom, away from our wives, families and the ones we love. Out here we get 2 channels on the T.V. and all they are showing today is footage of Sept 11th and these senseless specials. Right now on NBC they have these family members sitting around bitching about there settlement money. Give me a break! Is that all they have to think about? Hasn't this whole incident been a big enough cash crop? The media has been here all day in Bagram Afghanistan asking soldiers how they feel about this anniversary and if they had lost anyone. I will tell you the general feeling out here, we do not want to hear about it anymore. We acknowledge the fact that it happened and we are here doing all we can. I just wish people would realize the sacrifice we make in order to maintain their freedom.
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    digitalgadfly -

    I just want you to know that I appreciate what it is that you are doing for me. I have nothing but honor and respect for you and I wish you all the best.

    Thank you for defending my freedoms!


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    Profiteering, Power Mongers!

    Redbone hit the nail on the head, as I read the first posts and absorbed their relevency to todays events. I too have gone about my day ignoring all the media hype and scandalous representations of the past years events. I am trying not to think about how we "let " our guard down. IMHO it was a haenous and calculated "setup" by our own government to increase revenue.

    Imagine yourself sitting on an unimaginable fortune of "black gold" that is ordered by your government to be conserved for whatever reasons, unable to reap the benifits of the sale of this stuff, and use it to your own benifits, again for whatever reason. And your in a political position to cause the amount of imported "black gold" to dramatically decrease causing an immediate need to extract this stuff, and become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

    Does this sound familiar, or am I completely delusional?

    This is my opinion based on events I have witnessed, this was not researched or derived by anyones influence. This view is simply an educated guess.
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