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Thread: 9/11 - National Holiday?

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    Oct 2001

    9/11 - National Holiday?

    Should 9/11 be made a national holiday? I found this to be a topic/vote on CNN.com, and I was wondering the outlook of the AO community.

    I personally do not believe that 9/11 should become a national holiday, because we would officially be celebrating the day we left our guard down. Why would we celebrate a depressing day in history. How would you spend your 9/11 holiday? Does anyone else agree/disagree, I would like to hear some opinions on this subject, and I would like to hear how someone would be able to "CELEBRATE" this holiday, it is bad enough we mourn this day.

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    Top Gun Maverick811's Avatar
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    Oct 2001
    I don't feel as if 9.11 should be a national holdiay either. I feel that the observance and honoring events that are taking place today are enough, we don't need to have a national holiday to remember these events - we will remember anyway. I do believe that the events that are taking place are worthwhile so that we can remember and honor those who were lost that day. But there is no reason to 'celebrate' this day, as it was a great day of tragedy for us.
    - Maverick

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    No, because just like the 7th of December that was not celebrated either. Just remembered. I have to agree with Maverick811 on this one.

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    Jul 2002
    I totally agree with numb, we don't close everything down for the rememberance of Pearl Harbor, so therefore there is no warrant for this day either. Just my 2cents
    -Those are my principles. If you don\'t like them, I have others.
    --Groucho Marx

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    Old ancient one vanman's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Freestate,South Africa
    I have to agree with numb and maverick,because i just feel that a national holiday woulnd't commemorate this day because it was tragic to say the least.Maybe in the future on this day have a 3min silence everywhere,and a fly-by performed by the air force.

    Anyway ,just a thought.
    Practise what you preach.

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    I would say a public protection awareness week or something else that focuses on the Military, Police, Fire Department, and EMT's would be appropriate.

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    Senior Member
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    Aug 2002
    I think 9/11 should be a national holiday.It's wasn't just the day we let our guard down.It was a day of the US as a whole coming together.The overall patriotism of the people of the US shot through the roof.Besides not all holidays revolve around pleasant events in history.Memorial day would be a good example of this.I feel the deceased and the family's of the deceases deserve it,the soldiers fighting so this never happens again deserve it,and the police and firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice to save the people trapped in the towers deserve it.If 9/11 was to become a holiday it would force these actions to be remembered throughout history,decreasing the chances of our guard ever being let down again.If not,10-15 years from now it will just be another small section of your children's history books only remembered long enough to pass Fridays test.I don't want to see the memories of such an event fade away with the people who were there or saw it on TV before walking out the door to work.
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    Gray Haired Old Fart aeallison's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Buffalo, Missouri USA

    Unhappy No way, uh uh, never, never!

    I think that 9/11/01 should be a day of remeberance. I don't think it should be a holiday though. Mark it on all of our calenders, take a moment of silence, then go about business as usual. If we reguard this day as a holiday, the evil cowards who murdered so many innocent civilians on that day will have another excuse to scoff at us. We are a United Nation of free willed individuals who love our country and our way of life. NEVER give the evil factions any type of satisfaction. We show our strength and bravery by ignoring these fanatics, and pounding their sorry little pieces of this planet into dust and dirt roads. There will never be a place to hide for terrorists, or their ways.
    I have a question; are you the bug, or the windshield?

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    Junior Member
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    Jul 2002
    The first person who walks up to me and says "Happy terrorist Day!" is going to get a beat down right there on the street or wherever they may be.
    A great oak is the end result of a nut who stood his ground.

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    Senior Member
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    Sep 2002
    No do not make it a national holiday... Use this day to remember those who fell that day and those who have and will fall in the war on terror...

    \"Nuts!\"- Commanding General 101st Airborne Division Dec 1944 in answer to German request that he surrender Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge
    Life has a certian flavor for those who have fought and risked it all that the sheltered and protected can never experience.- John Stewart Mill
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