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Thread: 9/11

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    We should have like a memorial in the homepage of antionline I know sometimes takes time but is part of our job to remember what happened last year to our shores
    just an Idea
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    I think at least something would be nice.Google,for example,has a ribbon with 9/11 under it.It wouldn't necessarily need to be something big,just something to acknowledge the signifigance of the day.
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    I was surprised when i saw that there was no mention of it on the homepage of anti. I would have thought there would be at least a mention of it.

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    What about the other hundreds of people that die everyday in other countries? I do not see any memorial for them on AntiOnline and I am happy that it is so. AntiOnline is here for politics, it is here for one and one thing only, security. We do not need to deal with the mess of human politics, it is only a waste of time, space and information on such a website.

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    Yes, this is a security site. But that's not what this is about. It's about respect.

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    We could hold silent moments every day, just look at how many bombs that US threw into Afghanistan went wrong and how many innocent civilians died. Not to mention all other cruelness that is always going on.

    Anyway whitedragon, just open a memorial thread for discussion if you feel so.

    Btw, I don't see Google having anything? Could someone like post a screenshot if they see that "ribbon with 9/11 under it"?
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    Just go to the main page, www.google.com. If you use the toolbar to search, you won't get it, but if you go to the main page, there is a small ribbon under the search bar.

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    I can't any see ribbon either. Guess it's only shows for american people, which I with all due respect think is good.

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    just a question, what is the mood like around the workplace today in the united states???
    i think a lot of people overseas may have forgotten the significance of today, it is a day that changed THE WORLD, not just u.s.
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    You are right ZeroOne... The US did toss a few bombs that missed their intended target and for that as an American and a former serviceman I am truly sorry... That does not change the fact that America is now at war and as such we as Americans have a duty to support our men and women in uniform while they are away from their families risking their lives so that you and I might have the chance to exchange our thoughts and ideas... Even in Finland you have the ability to get on your computer and make posts because America sent her sons to fight in World War II... All I was saying when I started the thread was that as human beings we should thank those who allow us to have the freedoms we often take for granted...

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