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Thread: When aston crashed

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    When aston crashed

    Ok, well I had a interesting thing hapen,

    Today I was useing my computer when all of a suden aston crashed. What is aston? Aston is a replacement shell for windows that alows you to have much more controll over your desktop. www.astonshell.com

    Anyway, in Windows nothing is predictable, one moment things can be fine, the next...bang everything crashes.

    Lucky me my paint shop pro was still open, so I decided to try something.

    From the file menu I choose open,
    I navigated to my C:\ directory and located autoexec.bat,
    I then right clicked on autoexec, clicked edit. Now I have a notepad open, so from notepad I went file new, and typed the line c:\aston\aston.exe

    I saved it as a batch file, and closed up notepad.
    In PSP I clicked file open, once again, found my new batch program, shift + right click,
    and choose open with, I then navigated to my windows diredctory, located command.com,
    and clicked open, now a small dos window opened and executed the command, c:\aston\aston.exe

    And thats how I got aston back without restarting my computer.

    Nothing spectacular, and problably not very intersting but I just though I would share my experience.

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    You crazy Canadians!!

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    Neat trick, I used to use Talisman for awhile but when it crashed I had no way of getting it running again so I just forgot about it. Plus it can take forever to actually design a working skin that you like for it.
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