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Thread: When Linux(gasp!) hangs.

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    Re: When Linux(gasp!) hangs.

    Originally posted here by doktorf00bar

    An easier way to deal with this is a very handy program called xkill. this can be run from the shell, run from a menu, or in a pinch summoned with Ctrl-Alt-Esc. Just put the pointer over the offending window and click.
    I've found that using xkill makes the GUI become very unstable and usually results in resorting to <Ctrl><Alt><Backspace> anyway. Is it just me or does anyone else have this problem?

    On a side note, this is one of the greatest tut's I've come across here at AO....well done!

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    Thanks a bunch for the kind words k1ll. Using xkill is just like any way of forcebly killing a process. It CAN lead to unstability if misused.
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    Thanx, really learning new commands is more than great, THAN MaN

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    Nice info !

    Great tutorial !

    Thanks for sharing.
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    thread is four YEARS old guys

    only post if you have something WORTHWHILE to add to it
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    being this type of thread was already pulled up il speak my idea. instead of making a new post being it isnt THAT important

    how hard would it be to add an option to the sites code that would give you a message when the post is hella old.
    you go to click post and you either get a window that says
    "this post is "so many days weeks months years"old, please make sure your content is worth while."

    i dunno. could be a keep in mind task for the moderators further down the road
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    Thread closed to keep it from continually be bumped up. If you have a suggestion, use the Site Suggestion section please.
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