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Thread: BIOS Pictures

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    BIOS Pictures

    I am curious, is there any way to change the pictures and text that are displayed when your computer boots up? I am not talking about LILO or Winbloze splash screens, I am wondering, is it possible to change the logo's and default messages that are printed to the screen right after you hit the power button. IE, gateway has there little black and white colored box, dell has that funky little blue screen, others are just blank.

    Basically what I want to do, is make my computer display some of specific start up information, maybe other little things that I have written and a logo that I have made instead.

    Anyone know how to do this?

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    Hey The3ntropy,

    Im not sure if it is possible (never done it) but i was going to change the text/pics on the screens that you wanted..I would first see if i can find anything of the sort in the Registry. Considering thats the place to change alot of others stuff like that realates to your inquiry...
    So look in your registry if its not in there...I have no idea(as of now)...

    Hope that help some..

    always remember back up those files!!!

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    That stuff is burned into the BIOS chip on the motherboard. A lot of motherboards have surface mounted, flashable BIOS chips and attempting to change that stuff by flashing the BIOS can wreck the MB. I would recommend just leaving that alone unless you are good with a solder gun or replacing the board.

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    what redbone said is right but so far i found this page hope will give some idea i remmeber saw a web that explain it how to do it but i don't remmeber it, i'm still looking tho
    uops forgot to put the page
    good luck

    later on..
    I just found it what i was looking for
    this is the web page http://www.thetechguide.com/howto/bioslogo.html

    no is a really good luck!!
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    Sounds like a cool idea but I would recommend only flashing your bios as a last resort. In fact the only time you should update your bios is if there something dreadfully wrong with you computer and updating is the only way to fix it.
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    A friend of mine has TUX instead of the energy-star logo..

    he used some flash tool to do it..

    flashing is the only way, but you'll have to concider a couple of things.

    1. the flashing can **** up your mobo (as the others already suggested)
    2. you will void your guaranty

    so if one goes bad, your doubble *****ed..
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    One of my boxes has an Assus A7v133 Mobo and the disk that came with it had a program that allowed you to change the logo on boot-up. I would check with your Mobo manufacturer and see if they have something for your board.
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    Tools for modifying BIOS

    I have googled using "Tools to change logos of BIOS" as keyword.

    Here is a resource. Try this.

    Click BIOS Logo Changer to download the application
    http://www.AntiOnline.com/sig.php?imageid=210 €Ų

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    flashing BIOS is only dangerous if the version of BIOS you are flashing has features which are incompatible with the existing hardware, for instance, if it is for a later version. backing up your BIOS to a disk and adding the image to that, as is suggested in this article suggested by whitedragon, is actually quite safe, if there is an image already included on your version of bios, it is obvious that it is a supported feature, and therefore very safe. I see nothing inherently dangerous in what is suggested in the article linked above.
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