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    HSP56 Micromodem under Linux

    Hi there,
    Currently I have a HSP56 Micromodem and have downloaded the drivers for Linux and followed the instructions in the readme file but still i get the same error: modem does not respond.
    Am I doing something wrong?

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    it depends what are you doing
    but here is a web page that maybe can give you some information about winmodem like yours http://www.linmodems.org./
    good luck!
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    the files that i have downloaded came with a bunch of stuff, particularly the pctel.o and the pctmodule.o or something...it told me to insmod pctel.o and i had done that but it had done nothing

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    Hey, about a year ago I had the same problem with the same modem. After attempting to get it to work for a week or so I finally gave up. Wish I had more helpful advice but I attempted everything I possibly could to get it to work, followed every guide I found, and it still wouldn't work. I'd suggest just buying a Non-Win modem to save you the trouble unless your on a mission to make this work. Good luck!

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    I have made a post that contains links to many things that you may find useful in terms of linux hardware and modems.

    this is the thread

    Hope this helps
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