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Thread: FREE BSD,RH LINUX,WINDOWS, on one comp??

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    FREE BSD,RH LINUX,WINDOWS, on one comp??

    I'd like to tried to install FREE BSD,RH LINUX and XP in one comp..and I hope will be success,but I've been thinking... will that partition of swap for linux..will be error..or maybe FREE BSD can share that swap partition of linux ??.
    And I've been thinking too.. when I boot Free BSD, it will corrupt the LINUX swap signature??
    What do you think guysss.......any advised??
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    No, I wouldn't try to make them share swap space. Two Linuxes would share swap space fine, but BSD is a completely different animal and needs to have swap space in its own slice somewhere. Traditionally, swap space goes in partition b of the slice.

    You need to go over to FreeBSD.org and read the installation instructions very carefully. Pay particular attention to the section on allocating disk space, and don't attempt to install FreeBSD until you're sure you feel comfortable with all of that.
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    If I were you I would look into boot managers, third party ones. I was on google and I stumbled acoss some links that you may find useful.

    Also, I too suggest that you read the *BSD manual and have a good grasp before attempting such a feat. As BSD is not quite as user friendly on the install end of things. Good luck to you.
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