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    Wink .:For those linux newbies:.

    Since more often than not I see alot of newbie linux questions all over the board, I have decided to put this little resource list together for those who want to want to learn about linux, have basic questions about linux, or just need a reference. I must say that linux has a wealth of web based support out there, you just need to know where to look and this post will point you in the right direction I am not sure if this classifies as a tutorial or not so I posted it here, since this is where most of the question pop up.

    First off, most installation questions can be answered at the vendors homepage, along with 99% of compatibilty issues. Here are the some o fthe major distros home pages:

    Caldera OpenLinux
    Debian GNU/Linux
    Mandrake Linux
    RedHat Linux
    Slackware Linux

    Almost all of these distros have a large user base and supportive mailing lists.
    If you are running a distro other than the above, check here for more information.

    Now we can move on to to other common topics:

    Apache : the populaur free webserver can be found here
    This is such a well documented project

    Here are some of the most useful links:

    -- this site is a great starting place, message boards and all. You will most likely find your answer here.

    --this is a nice little newbie administrators guide

    --the linux newbies manual, if you are in the diapers stage of *nix systems this is for you.

    --will guide you from pre-thoughts of linux to actually running and maintaining your box. So well written it worked for my mom.

    --home of the linux documentation project! This has tons of HOW-TOs, FAQs, and guides.

    And we cannot forget our good friend Mr. Google

    Hope this will free up some forum space and aid those interested in the vast world of linux.
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    Linux?... Whats linux?

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    Thanks digitalgadfly...as a true linux newbie I really appreciate these resources.

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    don't forget our good friend Google has a linux specific search engine;




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    Good resources! IŽll be sure to check them out!
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    Thanks!! I've taken a few notes down and will look into it later. I want to blow away an image of Win2K on a laptop and install Linux.
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    Very nice resources digital. I'm sure that all of us newbies will appreciate this one for some time to come. This will definitely aid me in my quest in learning the OS. Thanks.
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    Thanks for the links man! I know next to nothing about Linux....

    Also, Here are a few more sites:
    Peanut Linux
    SuSE Linux
    Gentoo Linux

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    (Linux Voodoo) for Newbies

    Hey Peeps. I forgot to mention a goodie that I found for Linux here . I figured it didn't make sense to post the link in a new thread since the topic is already here. This site proved to be an excellent source of information when I first started learning the OS. Enjoy!

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