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    Hey i just had this idea while writing my last 2 recent tutorials..

    Many of us find it easier to write a tutorial and attach it because we can write it in whatever we want and include easy to follow diagrams but this is a turn off to many members because many like me are to lasy or un-interested to download the tutorial to look at it to see if its worth the time to read. I am more turned on to a tutorial that was written and put on the site that i can look over without downloading so here comes my little off the subject suggestion..

    Allow us to post pictures that automaticly open and are shown in the post itself with a limit on the files size so we dont kill it by uploading large picture files..

    Yes this could cause problems if abused but what cant on this site??? maybe also add a feature that u have to click on a button to allow all the pictures to be shown..

    This makes it much easier then finding a seperate site to host the pictures considering the Attach File only allows 1 file and what if we have multiple files we want to show to help explain what we are talking about???

    I suggest for no if the feature is added to allow it only to be used in the tutorial forum to limit major abuse in general chit chat and other parts of the site if you know what i am saying youll understand why im saying this..

    Thanks for reading and hope you all agreed
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    I think that makes sense. You're right though, it could be taxing on the site. Maybe there is some middleground or if the right limitations are in place, it could work.
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    Good Suggestion

    I think you have a good suggestion.

    Another one that would not force the site to change but might help people browsing through the tutorials would be if the tutorial poster who did use an attached file add a synapsis or include part of the tutorial to show what it is and what it is covering. Some of the tutorial posters are probably already doing this.

    The tutorial I posted was written here but it would have been easier to complete it in another format. I didn't even think about attaching a file. I agree with you though that I do not tend to download files unless I am pretty sure they are what I want.

    As for the in-line images there would have to be some standardization or rules to follow such as size (both in KB and in dimension), type (color/bw) and number allowed. If you cannot get all of your info and graphics in one tutorial then you may have to make it multi-part but that is a minor inconvenience for a good suggestion.
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    Hey that sounds like a great idea. The abuse could become a problem though. Think about all the fun the FB-Army guys woulda had with this? I'm at work when I log onto Antionline, and I don't look at pictures. What if someone posts some porn on here, and all of a sudden, I'm the creepy guy in the office checking out porn!

    Now here's an idea to limit abuse. Most of the tutorial writers are serious Anitonline users. Therefore, most of them are "Antionline Addicts" at least. Perhaps this could be added as a "perk". It would no doubt restrict the immature from posting objectionable material, or abusing the feature.

    Just an idea.

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    i think that this is a good idea netsyn cuz diagrams and pics would help a lot of ppl understand some tutorials
    i totaly aggree with this idea and as the sargent said u could try and limit it to users witha cerain amount posts and it would stop ppl like the FB-Army lusers posting there filthy pr0n
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