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    Post Considering a switch to linux?

    As a linux newbie I have encountered many obstacles in my switch from Windows. The following article contains information that I continue to find helpful.

    I hope that others will as well.


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    exactly what im looking for, thx
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    Very cool. This helps alot for those that are teetering on the edge of attempting a switch to Linux. It brings into perspective the questions/doubts that most Windows users have - mainly "how will I do in Linux what I currently do in Windows without losing some sort of functionality?" Great post!
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    thx i was looking for a page that could tell me the benifits of linux

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    im in the process of making the transition from windows to linux now myself, it is a very different animal altogether and a little overwhelming at first.

    for someone who is starting out i recommend this site:http://www.linuxnewbie.org/
    they have NHF's (newbie help files) and they are step by step instructions for a lot of different problems one might encounter. also http://www.tldp.org/ has many books in .pdf format to help a newbie out.

    good luck with your switch to linux!
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