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Thread: Happy!

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    Talking Happy!


    Havent made a thread in a long long time.

    So this is about college. Going to a place called UCD, the second best college in Ireland. Very very big, got lost a hell of a lot but Im with four mates from school so I get lost with them. Basically I went to a few welcome things etc...

    Then I got to the drink, holy feck do college peeps drink, like they had some crazy games, just like girls giving each othe lapdances, like Ibiza Uncovered kinda stuff. Anyway for a wee Irish lad like me this is kinda eyeopening stuff.

    Anyway the puters are nice, I'll be able to log on here between lectures which is nice. Otherwise Id be drunk so I wouldnt get a chance.

    Anyway this was just me getting this out of my system that all, sorry if this is of no interest to any of you but if I didnt write it Id be boring my mates with my stories all day!!!!

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    congrats to you.
    have you decided what you would like to major in yet?

    My sis and I are doublemajors in CS and Finance.

    Loads of fun in college! Lots of little keggers and lots of huge parties ;-)

    **Note to ourselves...spellcheck :-P
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    Glad to hear that you are having a good time. Don't get too "fecked" up! Remember: it's easy to lose focus in college because it's definitely a different world - it's own culture of sorts. Take care and don't be a stranger now that you have new friends.
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    OK fess up Ennis, your drunk now aren't you?


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    Hehe, sounds like you're having a great time, Ennis. Enjoy your stay there, and congrats on getting in.

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    Ennis....congrats to ya. You are beginning the best years of your life. Have a ball and make the best of it, just make sure you keep the old priorities straight. Always remember that taking tests while hungover tends to generate negative repercussions where grades are concerned. Now get out there and show the world what a kick-ass individual you are!
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    congrats ennis as t2k2 said dont get to fecked up any whoo i wish you all the best on your journey through college and the big bad world
    keep your head up
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    Ah, yes..... the college days......

    The days of funnelling beer on the sidewalk in front of my apartment, of eating macaroni and cheese 5 nights a week, of going bowling in the dorm hallway, the 3 girls who lived next door in apartment 69 (no joke!)..... I wish I could be back there again.

    You're in for a blast, man. It's going tobe a wild ride..... just use your head and have a great time!
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    Bright College Days

    Good Luck Ennis. Although my college days are long behind me there is a good chance they are also before me.

    I must admit I went to a different college than you seem to be attending. Mine was a small (1500 students), engineering college in South Dakota. Hardly any parties, no girls to speak of, and the work was demanding. Still it was a very fun and growing experience.

    One word of advice though. While you have to answer the questions on the test however the professor tells you to, you don't have to lose your right to individual thought and belief. Just because they have a degree or two does not necessarily grant them some deified power of truth and knowledge. Never stop thinking for yourself. Be your own person in class and with your friends and soon you will be learning to lead and not follow. Ah how easy to give advice looking back, and if you don't take my advice-well why should you be any different than my children and most of the other people in the world

    Have a great time.
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    Good luck Ennis! College was the best time in my life and I hope that it will be for you. College opens so many doors in life.


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